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About The Med in Athenian Riviera.

The Med in Athenian Riviera is a Greek company which has customers from abroad who seek reliable and  affordable treatment in Greece in order to combine with holidays.
Reasons that make us exceptional.


Dr.Georgiou the founder of the Med in Athenian Riviera is a specialized doctor with a license to practice,registered in the British General Medical council,GMC,in the Medical Association of Greece ,and in the Pancipriot Medical Association.
He is a successful doctor ,practising in Athens for more than 30 years. as intensivist,cardioanesthesiologist,general anaesthetist,pain management.
Dr.Georgiou due to professional status ,has the knowledge and understanding of the requirements of patients.
The professional collaboration of Dr.Georgiou with hospitals , doctors ,and links in addition to personal relationship guarantee value of money for our customers.
We have built professional relationships with accredited hospitals and qualified doctors so ,you can be sure that you have high quality treatment at international standard.
We can arrange a full package of treatment,travel,accommodation.
Our dedicated friendly english spoken team can coordinate patient and the companion of them with the doctors ,hospital and generally support at every need,in order to feel safe and comfortable.
Relatives and family of the patient regularly informed for the progress of treatment by the doctor.
Our aim is FIRSTLY to provide reliable and affordable medical treatment and secondly to take advance of this occasion to spend some days in the beautiful area of Athenian Riviera ,relax by the sea,enjoy the sun the food and the magic atmosphere of the area.

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